coccyx fracture - Learning Issue Tailbone fracture Name...

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Learning Issue: Tailbone fracture Name: Michael Holmes efinition Fracture of Coccyx After a fall in the sitting position, or a kick, and during parturition. ifferential Other causes of coccydynia (besides fracture) include trauma during parturition; faulty posture; midline disk herniations (caused by nonsegmental referral of pain from irritation of the dura); lumbar facet arthropathy; compression of the first, fourth, and fifth sacral roots; neuralgia from sacral plexopathy or sacrococcygeal neuropathy; infections; and local tumors.[ athophysi Falling on bum gns and Symptom Complaining of pain at the tip of his spine that is worse with sitting and perhaps with defecation. There should be little or no pain with standing, but walking may be uncomfortable look for physical Tenderness to palpation in the gluteal crease, with pain, and sometimes, abnormal motion of the coccyx during palpation on digital rectal examination.
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iagnostic Testing Radiograph confirmation of a coccygeal fracture is not always necessary. Displaced fractures are seen in the lateral view, but the diagnosis is evident on
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coccyx fracture - Learning Issue Tailbone fracture Name...

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