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Learning Issue: Hip Fracture Presentation Completed by: Michael Holmes Observe the anatomical position of the extremity because this alone provides useful clues to the type of injury the patient has sustained. Femoral head fracture: Posterior dislocation is most common (eg, a dashboard injury), in which case the extremity appears adducted and internally rotated. With anterior dislocation, the extremity is abducted, and externally rotated. Femoral neck fracture: With partial or completely displaced fractures (types 3 and 4, respectively), the patient has severe pain and lies with the extremity slightly shortened, abducted, and externally rotated. In the case of a stress fracture or severe impaction fractures (types 1 and 2, respectively), the only physical findings may be minor pain with little or no limitation in range of motion. Trochanteric fracture: With a greater trochanteric fracture, the patient presents with pain,
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Unformatted text preview: especially with abduction and extension. No deformity may be apparent, but pressure through greater trochanters will result is pain. With a lesser trochanteric fracture, pain occurs during flexion and internal rotation. • Intertrochanteric fracture : The extremity appears shortened and significantly externally rotated, in contrast to the minimal deformities associated with femoral neck fractures. Pain, hip edema and ecchymosis, and pain with any movement may also be noted. • Subtrochanteric fracture : The proximal femur usually is held in flexion and external rotation. Important: Virginia has a left hip with decreased ROM, tender L greater trochanter, a shorted L LE with EROT. It is very likely she has a intertrochanteric fracture due to her fall....
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