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Learning Issue: What is it about menopause that predisposes them to osteoarthritis (OA) Student: Michael Holmes Here is an interesting abstract from a journal article. MD Consult sucks for journal articles, so I could only access the abstract. Abstract OBJECTIVE: Incidence of OA rises steeply in women of age >50 years; the climacteric period for women. The simultaneous occurrence of these events suggests an association between OA and changes in female hormonal aspects. This systematic review studies the assumed association between OA and aspects concerning the fertile period (duration, endogenous hormones, age at menarche/menopause) and the menopause [menopausal status, years since menopause (YSM) and surgical menopause ]. METHODS: Medline and EMBASE were searched for articles assessing associations between hand/hip/knee OA and female hormonal aspects. Methodological quality was assessed systematically, and results were summarized in a best-evidence synthesis. RESULTS:
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