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ovarian brenner tumor - Learning Issue Ovarian Brenner...

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Learning Issue: Ovarian Brenner Tumor Name: Michael Holmes efinition Brenner tumors are a subtype of the transitional cell neoplasms of the ovary and account for about 2% of ovarian neoplasms. Most are benign, and less than 10% of cases occur bilaterally. Most Brenner tumors are solid, but some contain small or large cystic areas that may show mucinous differentiation. lassificati Brenner tumors are classified as adenofibromas in which the epithelial component consists of nests of transitional-type epithelial cells resembling those lining the urinary bladder. Less frequently, the nests contain microcysts or glandular spaces lined by columnar, mucin-secreting cells. Classification of Brenner tumor o Benign Brenner tumor o Borderline (proliferating) Brenner tumor o Malignant Brenner tumor and transitional cell carcinoma Factors Though often referred to as transitional cell carcinoma, these tumors are frequently seen in association with conventional serous or endometrioid carcinomas and probably represent altered differentiation patterns of the tumor cells. orpholog These neoplasms may be solid or cystic, are usually unilateral (approximately 90%), and vary in size from small lesions less than 1 cm in diameter to massive tumors up to 20 and 30 cm ( Fig. 22-41A ). The fibrous stroma, resembling that of the normal ovary, is marked by sharply demarcated nests of epithelial cells resembling the epithelium of the urinary tract, often with mucinous glands in their center ( Fig. 22-41B ). Infrequently, the stroma is composed of somewhat plump fibroblasts resembling theca cells; such neoplasms may have hormonal activity. Most Brenner tumors are benign, but borderline (proliferative
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ovarian brenner tumor - Learning Issue Ovarian Brenner...

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