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Learning Issue: Si joint Pathology Name: MH I could not find any good resources online. I would need to look through personal resources or text books which I currently do not have with me. If we want more information I will dig some up, however I believe it in an unlikely differential for our patient. There is considerable controversy surrounding conditions that may affect the SI joints. Although these joints may occasionally be involved with infection or inflammatory diseases, such as the spondyloarthropathies, they are rarely the source of other pathology. Although some textbooks continue to discuss various disorders, “dysfunctions,” and injuries (“going out”), most have never been proven. Pain from the lumbar spine is often referred to this area, which can be a further source of confusion. Finally, except for the presence of local tenderness, there are no good, reliable clinical tests or maneuvers that can be used as a part of the physical examination to localize pain to this joint. Provocative testing using joint injection has been used with
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