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Template completed by: Albuterol DRUG name (generic and common): Accuneb® | Proair® HFA | Proventil® | Proventil® HFA | Proventil® Repetabs® | Respirol™ | Salbutamol™ | Ventolin® | Ventolin® HFA | Ventolin® Rotacaps® | Ventolin® Syrup | Volmax® | VoSpire ER™ | Vospire ER® CLASS Moderately selective beta-2- receptor agonist DESCRIPTION (basic summary) Albuterol is a racemic mixture of R- and S-isomers, and is widely used as a bronchodilator. It is indicated for the management of asthma exacerbations or other chronic obstructive airway diseases. Short-acting beta-2 agonists, such as albuterol, are considered first line therapy for mild intermittent asthma during pregnancy. Orally inhaled short-acting beta-2 agonists (SABAs) are considered the preferred pharmacologic treatment to relieve acute bronchospasm. MECHANISM OF ACTION Intracellularly, the actions of albuterol are mediated by cyclic AMP, the production of which is augmented by beta 2 - stimulation. Albuterol is believed to work by activating adenylate cyclase, the enzyme responsible for generating cyclic AMP, an intracellular mediator. Increased cyclic AMP leads to activation of protein kinase A, which inhibits phosphorylation of myosin and lowers intracellular ionic calcium concentrations, resulting in relaxation. The net result
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Albuterol - Template completed by Albuterol DRUG...

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