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Learning Issue: Heart Vasculature-MH I scanned this from the clinical oriented anatomy book Ch. 1 pg 147, please refer to this for more information. TABLE 1.4. ARTERIALSUPPLYTO HEART Artery/Branch Origin Course Distribution Anastomoses Right coronary (RCA) Right aortic sinus Follows coronary (AV) sulcus between atria and ventricles Right atrium, SA and AV nodes, and posterior part ofiVS Circumflex and anterior IV branches of LCA SA nodal RCA near its origin (in 60%) Ascends to SA node Pulmonary trunk and SA node Right marginal RCA Passes to inferior margin of heart and apex Right ventricle and apex of heart IV branches Posterior interventricular RCA (in 67%) Runs in posterior IV groove to apex of heart Right and left ventricles and posterior third of iVS Anterior IV branch of LCA (at apex) AV nodal RCA near origin of posterior IV artery Passes to AV node AV node Left coronary (LCA) Left aortic sinus Runs in AV groove and gives off anterior IV and circumflex branches Most of left atrium and ven-
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