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Tension pneumothorax - Learning Issue: Tension...

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Learning Issue : Tension Pneumothorax-MH · Don’t Miss This: Symptoms are similar to that of patient · Definition: Is the accumulation of air under pressure in the pleural space. This condition develops when injured tissue forms a 1-way valve, allowing air to enter the pleural space and preventing the air from escaping naturally. Arising from numerous causes, this condition rapidly progresses to respiratory insufficiency, cardiovascular collapse, and, ultimately, death if unrecognized and untreated. · Causes: Are either iatrogenic or trauma. Trauma: Involves disruption of either the visceral or parietal pleura and is often associated with rib fractures (rib fractures not necessary for tension pneumothorax to occur). Barotrauma: Secondary to positive-pressure ventilation, especially when using high amounts of positive end- expiratory pressure (PEEP) Central venous catheter placement, usually subclavian or internal jugular Conversion of idiopathic, spontaneous, simple pneumothorax to tension pneumothorax Unsuccessful attempts to convert an open pneumothorax to a simple pneumothorax in which the occlusive dressing functions as a 1-way valve Chest compressions during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
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Tension pneumothorax - Learning Issue: Tension...

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