Tuberculosis - Learning Issue: Pulmonary turberculosis- MH...

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Learning Issue : Pulmonary turberculosis- MH · Don’t Miss This: Chest exam may reveal classic findings such as posttussive apical rales. · Definition: Tuberculosis is one of the world’s most widespread and deadliest illnesses · Causes : M tuberculosis , the organism that causes tuberculosis infection and disease · Risk Factors or Predisposing Factors: See epidemiology · Epidemiology : Every year 3 million people worldwide die of the disease. In the U.S. it is suspected that 15 million people are infected. It occurs disproportionately among disadvantaged populations such as mal nourished, homeless, and those living in overcrowded and substandard housing. HIV positive patients have in increased occurrence · Associated History or Laws of LI · Pathophysiology: Infection with M tuberculosis begins when susceptible person inhales airborne droplet nuclei containing viable organisms. Tubercle bacilli that reach the alveoli are ingested by alveolar macrophages. Infection follows if the inoculum escapes alveolar macrophages microbial activity. Primary tuberculosis: Clinically and radiographically silent. Infection is contained by T cells and macrophages but not eradicated, since viable organisms may lie dormant within granulomas for years to decades. Latent tuberculosis: Not active or able to transmit organism to others. Reactivation can reoccur if immune system in compromised. 10% of individuals with latent tuberculosis infection who are not given preventative therapy; half of these cases occur within 2 years following primary
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Tuberculosis - Learning Issue: Pulmonary turberculosis- MH...

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