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Learning issues: Fetal presentations-MH Fetal presentation is critical in regards to the maternal birth canal and the route of delivery. Vertex The most common presentation is the vertex position. This is when the fetal head is flexed so that the chin is in contact with the fetal thorax. The spine typically lies along the longitudinal axis of the uterus. The non-vertex presentation includes breech, transverse lie, face, brow, and compound. These occur in <4% of fetuses at term. Malpresentation of the vertex occurs if there is deflexion or extension of the fetal head leading to brow or face presentation, respectively. Face The fetal head and neck are hyperextended, causing the occiput to come in contact with the upper back of the fetus while lying in the longitudinal axis. The presentation portion of the fetus is the fetal face between the orbital ridges and the chin. The fetal chin (mentum) is used as a reference point during internal examination through the cervix.
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Fetal Presentation - Learning issues: Fetal...

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