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Learning Issue: Gastritis (chronic) Name: Lindsay Francis Definition Chronic Gastritis: chronic inflammation of the stomach Causes H. pylori (most often ), bile reflux, NSAIDs, chemotherapeutic agents, alcohol, autoimmune, allergies, TB -bile/pancreatic secretion reflux back into the stomach Risk Factors H. pylori: Blacks, Hispanics, native Americans (low SES) Born before 1950 Autoimmune: More common in women Black and white people Sometimes found in children, but usually diagnosed at age 60 Lymphocytic Usually detected in patients aged 50 (sometimes found in children) Idiopathic granulomatous gastritis: Pts older than 50 Pathophysiology Substances that damage the gastric mucosa (bile reflux, pancreatic secretions, or NSAIDs etc) erode the gastric mucosa causing ulcers. After the ulcers heal, regenerative hyperplasia occurs which damages the capillaries and can cause edema, hemorrhage, and increases the amount of smooth muscle in the lamina propia.
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Gastritis.doc - Learning Issue: Gastritis (chronic) Name:...

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