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Hemorrhoids Treatment Hemorrhoids due to Prolapse, thrombosis, vascular bleeding *creams/salves have little role in treatment Internal Hemorrhoids Do not have cutaneous innervation can be destroyed without anesthetic Bathing in warm water eases painful perianal conditions Ice relieves pain of acute thrombosis Can be destroyed by: [all of these are nonoperative and can be used for 1 st and 2 nd degree hemorrhoids Rubber band ligation – most commonly used Sclerotherapy injection Infared photocoagulation Laser ablation CO2 freezing Lord dilation External Hemorrhoids Pregnancy is associated with anorectal complaints Nonoperative treatment of office thrombectomy usually relieves complaints Treatment based on grade of hemorrhoids Internal Hemorrhoids Stage 1- Internal hemorrhoids that bleed Respond to diet manipulation Increase fiber, increase liquid intake
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HemorrhoidsTreatmentoct14hg.docx - Hemorrhoids Treatment...

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