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LI: Hepatitis C By: Daniel Trimble Modified by Michael Holmes Chronic hepatitis C results in 50-70% of patients with acute hepatitis C. Hepatitis C is caused by the hepatitis C virus (HCV). Many patients with hepatitis C are asymptomatic for a long period of time and many do not know they have HCV. HCV is often discovered when a patient is attempting to donate blood, while performing lab work to apply for insurance, or from other routine blood work and lab tests. A problem with the delayed detection of HCV is the patient was likely infected many years prior and a source of the infection may be left unknown. Most patients that have hepatitis C have a relatively benign prognosis, but about a quarter of hepatitis C patients will have end-system cirrhosis and liver failure. The progression of the disease is slow and insidious, and although the disease will not affect many hepatitis C patients, it is one of the most frequent indications for liver transplantation. The progression of Hepatitis C is often associated with the duration of time the patient has been infected, their age, alcohol use, obesity, and exposure or infection of other diseases like hepatitis B or HIV. The duration of the disease seems to have the greatest impact on whether hepatitis C will seriously impact the liver or not.
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HepatitisC.docx - LI: Hepatitis C By: Daniel Trimble...

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