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Hypercalcemia and Malignancy Levels of calcium can become elevated during malignancy due to increased osteoclastic activity in the bone or PTH-related protein (PTH-rp) production by the tumor. 3 cancers that often metastasize to bone: Hematologic malignancies Breast cancer Multiple myeloma Breast and lung cancers are most often osteolytic in nature, meaning that they stimulate osteoclastic activity resulting in the release of calcium from the bone Increased osteolytic activity results from metastases to the bone Bone metastases may release local osteoclastic activating factors Breast Cancer is very likely to metastasize to bone Some malignancies release PTH-related protein, which imitates PTH (review of PTH fxn) Other tumors (nonmetastatic) that induce hypercalcemia with (PTH-rp) Lung Ovary Kidney Head/neck Esophagus Cervix Multiple endocrine neoplasia Pheochromocytoma Hepatoma Lymphoproliferative disease
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HypercalcemiaandMalignancy.docx - Hypercalcemia and...

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