Pagets diease - Learning Issue: Paget Disease-MH...

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Learning Issue: Paget Disease-MH · Definition: Is characterized by excessive and abnormal remodeling of the bone, and is a common disorder in middle aged and elderly patients. The dysfunction in remodeling gives rise to bones that are extensively vascularized, weak, enlarged, and deformed, with complications. · Causes: Evidence exists of evidence link, with an association between HLA-A, HLA-B, and HLA-C. Subsequent antigens reported in a frequency of DQW1 and DR2 antigens. Genome linkage has identified several loci mutation in the SQSTM1/p62. Environmental factors may also contribute. Another possible etiology is a viral infection, but no virus has been cultured from pagetic disease. There are other suggests, but they are no confirmed. Feel free to look them up. · Epidemiology: The prevalence of disease is believed to be 3% or more in people 40 years or older. A survey suggested that the prevalence in the United States is 2.3%% of the population between age 65 and 74. No specific race susceptible, males > females, and most commonly recognized after age 50. · Associated History or Laws of LI
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Pagets diease - Learning Issue: Paget Disease-MH...

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