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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease PID is an infection in the upper genital tract not associated with pregnancy or intraperitoneal pelvic operations. Thus it may include infection of any or all of the following: - the endometrium (endometritis) - the oviducts (salpingitis)* = Fallopian tubes - the ovary (oophoritis) - the uterine wall (myometritis) - the uterine serosa and broad ligaments (parametritis) - the pelvic peritoneum Most of the time: PID = Salpingitis Many authors prefer the term salpingitis (instead of PID) because infection of the oviducts is the most characteristic and common component of PID. In most clinical situations the terms acute salpingitis and pelvic inflammatory disease are used synonymously to describe an acute infection. Importantly, most long-term sequelae of PID result from destruction of the tubal architecture by the infection. Etiology Most of the time is caused by an ascending bacterial infection. Acute PID results from ascending infection from the bacterial flora of the vagina and cervix in more than 99% of cases. RARE IN : Amenorrheic Not sexually active Acute PID is rare in the woman without menstrual periods: Pregnant Premenarcheal Postmenopausal woman In less than 1% of cases, acute PID results from transperitoneal spread of infectious material from a perforated appendix or intraabdominal abscess. Acute PID is usually a polymicrobial infection that is a mixture of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. Therapeutic strategies and regimens are broad spectrum, seeking to suppress aerobic and anaerobic organisms. More than 20 species of microorganisms have been cultured from direct aspiration of purulent material from infected tubes. trachomatis
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PID.doc - Marlene Sosa, LI, Unit 4 Pelvic Inflammatory...

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