Prolonged pregnancy complications

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Unformatted text preview: Learning Issue: Prolonged Pregnancy-MH Focus on highlighted areas, the rest is just a study I used to validate the complications of prolonged pregnancy. A study done by Divon et al. evaluated fetal and neonatal mortality rates in 181,524 accurately dated term and prolonged pregnancies. A significant increase in fetal mortality was detected from 41 weeks of gestation onward. The ORs for neonatal mortality did not demonstrate a significant gestational age dependency. Fetal growth restriction was associated with significantly higher odds ratios for both fetal and neonatal mortality rates at every gestational age examined with ORs ranging from 7.1 to 10.0 for fetal death and from 3.4 to 9.4 for neonatal death. Therefore, the study documented a small but significant increase in fetal mortality in accurately dated pregnancies that extend beyond 41 weeks gestation and demonstrated that fetal growth restrictions are independently associated with a large increase in perinatal mortality in these...
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