Prostate cancer metastases

Prostate cancer metastases - evident on CT imaging...

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Learning issue: Prostate cancer metastases-MH Metastatic prostate cancer: Prostate cancer typically spreads long the obturator, internal/external/common iliac and prescaral lymph node chain. Because the average size of positive lymph nodes at dissection is 7mm, standard size criteria are not sensitive for early lymph node involvement. Bone metastases likely occurs through hematogenous spread of cancer cells from the periprostatic veins lateral to the prostate, to the internal iliac veins, to the presacral venous plexus, to the veins of the spine. Prostate cancer causes predominantly osteoblastic metastases to the axial skeleton, which are
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Unformatted text preview: evident on CT imaging. Unfortunately, lymph-node morphology, attenuation, enhancement, and size on CT images do not reliably distinguish normal lymph nodes from those involved with tumor. Resource: .50026-4--cesec44&isbn=978-0-323-04353-3&sid=1110195483&type=bookPage&sectionEid=4-u1.0-B978-0-323-04353-3. .50026-4--cesec49&uniqId=234376691-13#4-u1.0-B978-0-323-04353-3..50026-4--cesec49...
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