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Learning Issue: Trichomonas Vaginitis Name: Lindsay Francis Definition An infection of the lower urinary tract (in both women and men) that is caused by Trichomonas vaginalis , a flagellate protozoan. Causes Sexually transmitted (large numbers of the organism is needed to produce an infection) Flagellate trichomonas vaginalis Risk Factors Sexually active Women and men with one or more sexual partners in the last month Women tend to be more symptomatic than men Use of nonoxynol 9 and other spermicides increase transmission Epidemiology Slightly more common in African American population Related to increased HIV transmission (as long as increased rates of transmission of other STDs) Most common non viral STD Pathophysiology T vaginalis protozoa move via flagella in urethral and vaginal tissues. They directly damage the epithelium of these tissues, which cause tiny ulcerations which allows for the increased spread of other sexually transmitted infections. Signs and Symptoms
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TrichomonasVaginitisLJ.doc - Learning Issue: Trichomonas...

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