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Disorder Autism Asperger’s Syndrome - Manifests in early childhood - ¾ have mental retardation (IQ 35-50) - Normal facial appearance - Normal development until 2 yrs of age - Manifests in early childhood around 3 years - No significant cognitive or language delays - Normal or superior intelligence - May excel in math, computers, music & physics - Social insensitivity or indifference - Normal life span Traits - abnormal social interactions - ↓ communication skills - restricted repetitive & stereotyped behaviors (rocking, hand movement in front of face, push buttons/levers) - chorea-like movements - hypersensitive to sounds - screaming or rage in response to touch or regular environmental stimuli (lights, radio/TV sounds) - lack of appropriate eye contact - self-injurious behavior (bite own arm, hit self, eye-poking, head banging, etc.) - seizures - indifference to immediate family - persistent impairment in social interactions (limited capacity for spontaneous social interactions) - failure to develop friendships - limited number of intense & highly focused interests. - repetitive behavior patterns
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AutismvsAspergers.docx - Disorder Autism Aspergers Syndrome...

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