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Learning Issue: Brain Death-MH Concept: There is irreversible and complete loss of brain function, and most accept that this means the person is dead and the organs are therefore superfluous. Clinical Diagnosis: The clinical criteria differ between countries and among institutions within the U.S. and Canada. However, the clinical approach is similar. Establish the cause of disease Excluding certain potentially reversible syndromes that may produce signs similar to brain death Demonstrating clinical signs of brain death: coma, brainstem areflexia, and apnea. Confirmatory tests (cerebral angiography, electroencephalography, transcranial Doppler
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Unformatted text preview: ultrasonography) are indicated if clinical picture is confusing. In general, two examinations separated by at least 6 hours are required to establish the diagnosis of brain death. The clinical diagnosis is usually confirmed by 2-3 physicians who are independent of the transplant team. At least one of the physicians must be specialized in neurology, neurosurgery, or anesthesiology. Resource: .00098-4--s0230&uniqId=235843449-4...
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