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Bulimia Nervosa What it is: Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by eating binges typically followed by efforts to purge calories through self-induced vomiting, laxative and/or diuretic abuse, prolonged fasting, or excessive exercise Causes - seritonine & norepinephrine have been implicated - social pressure - emotional instability & impulsiveness Etiology: - W > M, 5-10:1 - first onset usually between ages 14-16; most common in 17-24 year olds - affects about 6% of adolescent girls and 5% of college women Comorbidities: - major depression (38-63%) - obsessive compulsive disorder - irritable bowel syndrome - fibromyalgia - mood disorders - personality disorders - anxiety disorders - substance abuse Symptoms: I think all these symptoms/signs may be found, but screening is mostly from a patient’s history - muscle weakness - cramps - dizziness - hematemesis, - abdominal pain - chest pain - heartburn - sore throat - menstrual irregularity Signs: - weight: normal or increased - vital signs: usually normal; may be tachycardic & hypotensive showing volume depletion;
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BulimiaNervosa2.18.docx - Bulimia Nervosa What it is...

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