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Learning Issue: Chronic Pain Name: Definition Pain disorder : characterized by presence of, and focus on, pain in one or more body sites and is sufficiently severe to come to clinical attention. Chronic pain must last for 6 months or longer. Prevalence is common, approx. 5% of population meet 6 mo criteria, 12% have lifetime chronic pain. Associated with other psych disorders (acute pain with anxiety disorders, chronic pain with depressive disorders) Increased risk of suicide if pain is associated with severe depression or related to terminal illness (ie cancer) Etiology Multifactorial condition: Psychodynamic factors: those who experience aches and pains without identifiable/adequate physical causes. Behavioral factors: pain behaviors reinforced when rewarded and are inhibited when ignored or punished. Interpersonal factors: intractable pain conceptualized as a means for manipulation and gaining advantage in interpersonal relationships. Biological factors: sensory and limbic structural/chemical abnormalities predispose
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ChronicPainLearningObjective.doc - Learning Issue Chronic...

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