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Learning Issue: Pancreatitis and Diabetes-MH I did not find that diabetes causes acute or chronic pancreatitis. However, chronic pancreatitis can lead to diabetes mellitus. Etiologies of pancreatitis: Biliary tract disease Alcohol Post-ERCP Trauma Drugs Infection Hereditary pancreatitis Hypercalcemia Developmental abnormalities of pancreas Hypertriglyceridemia Tumor Toxins Postoperative Vascular abnormalities Autoimmune pancreatitis Unknown etiologies Chronic Pancreatitis and Diabetes: Long standing endocrine insufficiency is a consequence of long standing chronic pancreatitis and is especially common after resection and in tropical (fibrocalcific) pancreatitis. The complexity of diabetes as a result of chronic pancreatitis is more than just simple loss of beta cell dysfunction.
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Unformatted text preview: The difference is that chronic pancreatitis causes damage to insulin producing beta cells and glucagon-producing alpha cells, which differs from type 1 or type 2 DM. The risk is prolonged and severe hypoglycemia with over vigorous insulin treatment. Diabetes mellitus appears to be nearly as common as steatorrhea in patients with far advanced chronic pancreatitis. One study indicated 83% of patients diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis developed diabetes mellitus 25 years later. Resources: .00059-7--s0080&isbn=978-1-4160-6189-2&type=bookPage&sectionEid=4-u1.0-B978-1-4160-6189-2. .00059-7--s0110&uniqId=237741702-3
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