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Learning Issue: Pancreatitis and Diabetes-MH I did not find that diabetes causes acute or chronic pancreatitis. However, chronic pancreatitis can lead to diabetes mellitus. Etiologies of pancreatitis: Biliary tract disease Alcohol Post-ERCP Trauma Drugs Infection Hereditary pancreatitis Hypercalcemia Developmental abnormalities of pancreas Hypertriglyceridemia Tumor Toxins Postoperative Vascular abnormalities Autoimmune pancreatitis Unknown etiologies Chronic Pancreatitis and Diabetes: Long standing endocrine insufficiency is a consequence of long standing chronic pancreatitis and is especially common after resection and in tropical (fibrocalcific) pancreatitis. The complexity of diabetes as a result of chronic pancreatitis is more than just simple loss of beta cell dysfunction.
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Unformatted text preview: • The difference is that chronic pancreatitis cause’s damage to insulin producing beta cells and glucagon-producing alpha cells, which differs from type 1 or type 2 DM. The risk is prolonged and severe hypoglycemia with over vigorous insulin treatment. • Diabetes mellitus appears to be nearly as common as steatorrhea in patients with far advanced chronic pancreatitis. One study indicated 83% of patients diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis developed diabetes mellitus 25 years later. Resources: • .00059-7--s0080&isbn=978-1-4160-6189-2&type=bookPage&sectionEid=4-u1.0-B978-1-4160-6189-2. .00059-7--s0110&uniqId=237741702-3 •
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