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DSM Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders -currently on IV edition text revision (TR) -published by Psychiatric Association Used for diagnosis and treatment 5 different Axes Axis I – Clinical syndromes -typical psych disorders -Adjustment disorders (different types like anxiety, depression, mixed, etc) -Mood disorders – major depressive disorder, bipolar -anxiety disorders – general anxiety disorder (GAD), phobias -psychotic type disorders – schizophrenia Axis II -personality disorders: anti-social personality disorder, histrionic, narcicissstic, paranoid, schizoid, schizotypal, borderline, obsessive compulsive personality disorder (different than OCD), avoidant -also types of mental retardation Axis III -general medical conditions: infectious/parasites, tumors, nutriotional/metabolic, pregnancy, congenital, HIV, syphilis -basically any disorder from another system which may affect person Axis IV – psychosocial and environmental -problems with primary support group – death of a loved ones, health problems of loved ones,
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Unformatted text preview: divorce, neglect, etc-problem of social envornment discrimination, inadequate social support, living alone-educational illiterate, classroom environment-Occupational stressors, unemployment-housing-economic-no access to healthcare-legal system-other: disasters, war, and more Axis V global assessment functioning (GAF)-clinicians assessment of how patient can function-a scale from 0-100-10 ranges of functioning based on the scale-healthy people do not need 100-typically people wont receive a perfect GAF Looking up a specific disease in the DSM-an overview of the disease, risk factors, genetic components-subcategories of a specific disorder (like subtypes of schizophrenia)-differential diagnoses DSM-IV TR http :// allpsych . com / disorders / dsm . html (DSM diagnostic criteria for different disorders are in our psychiatry book)...
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