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Headache Knowledge - Headache Type Definition Etiology Genetic Neurovascular theory-trigeminovascular system results in perivascular release of

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Headache Type Definition Etiology Epidemiolgy Diagnostic tests Treatment Cluster Tension Vasomotor xx xx xx xx xx Vascular Common Presentation- Signs/symptoms Classic and Common Migraine Classic migraine: migraine headache with aura; Common migraine: migraine headache without aura Genetic; Neurovascular theory -trigeminovascular system results in perivascular release of substance P; triggers: chocolate, red wine, hard cheeses, monosodium glutamate, hormonal changes, exertion, fatigue, and stress 23 million people in US; mostly women (after prepubescent years); Associated with seizures, essential tremor, Tourette's syndrome, depression, anxiety, and stroke Unilateral throbbing/pulsating pain, photophobia, phonophobia, anorexia, N/V, fatigue; aura: visual changes, field cuts, flashing lights; Should have normal neurologic exam, no papilledema None unless to rule out differentials Quiet dark room to lie down; NSAIDs/aspirin/acetaminphen/isomethepte ne; triptans; Botox injections - severe intractable migraine; avoid triggers, psychotherapy and stress reduction "histamine headache" type of neurovascular headache; attacks are severe and unilateral. Periodicity is the most striking characteristic. Typically, a patient
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