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Panic Disorder – Alyssa General Overview Acute intense attack of anxiety accompanied with feelings of impending doom: Panic disorder Discrete periods of intense fear Can occur several attacks a day to a few attacks a year Present with other comorbid conditions (commonly) Agoraphobia – fear or anxiety of places where escape might be difficult Can be very disabling – inability to function in work/social situations outside the home Particularly common in panic disorder – fear of having a panic attack in a public place from which escape would be difficult Literally means: fear of the marketplace Other disorders can have panic attacks Depressive disorders Substance abuse/withdrawal PTSD Phobias (specific) Panic attacks can occur independent of panic disorder Previously called “irritable heart syndrome” Epidemiology 1-4% lifetime prevalence of panic disorder 3-5.6% for panic attacks 2-6% prevalence of agoraphobia Women: 2-3x more likely than men Recent history of divorce/separation – contributes to development Mean age of presentation: 25 y/o Can occur at any age 91% of patients with panic disorder have at least 1 other psychiatric disorder Causes/Etiology Biological Abnormal regulation of brain noradrenergic systems Peripheral and central nervous system dysregulation Major neurotransmitter systems: Norepinephrine, serotonin, and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) Serotonin hypersensitivity Inhibitory GABAergic transmission in amygdale, midbrain, and hypothalamus
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PanicDisorder.docx - Panic Disorder Alyssa General Overview...

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