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Learning Issue: Pick Disease Name: Definition Pick disease is a progressive dementia defined by clinical and pathological criteria Pick typically affects the frontal and or/ anterolateral temporal lobe Etiology Pick disease is defined pathologically by severe atrophy, neural loss , and gliosis Always accompanied by the occurrence of tau positive inclusions Swollen neurons and argentophilic neuronal inclusions known as Pick bodies Symptoms The onset of behavioral and cognitive dysfunction in patients with Pick disease can be difficult to identify Patient with orbitofrontal dysfunction became aggressive and socially inappropriate Patient with dorsomedial or dorsolateral dysfunction may show lack of concern, apathy or decreased spontaneity Patient demonstrated an absence of self –monitoring , abnormal self- awareness, and inability to appreciate meaning Patient may be depressed in early disease Speech and language abnormalities often begin early
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PickDisease-Learningobjective.doc - Learning Issue: Pick...

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