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Schizophrenia What is Schizophrenia? It’s an umbrella term for clinical syndrome of psychopathology involving cognition, emotional and perceptual problems It’s always diagnosed based on psychiatric history and mental status exam. Epidemiology 1 out 100 people become schizophrenic in a lifetime It’s equal in men and women however peak onset is: Men--ages 10-25yrs Women --ages 25-35yrs and over 40yrs Familial/genetic influenced Hav e 10x greater risk of developing schizophrenia if 1 st degree relative has it Other epidemiology tidbits: More likely to occur in those born in winter and early spring (Jan-April) Thought to be possible link to prenatal exposure of influenza in 2 nd trimester Substance abuse is great among schizophreniacs Fyi—nicotine is thought to be “self-medication”. Nicotine binds with dopamine receptors in the brain to block dopamine over-activity (see below). Etiology: Theorized to be extra dopamine over-activity By too much dopamine release By too many dopamine receptors By hypersensitivity of dopamine receptors The brain is physiologically and anatomically different : Loss of brain volume Bigger lateral ventricle and 3 rd ventricle Reduced symmetry (temporal, frontal and occipital lobes) Reduced hippocampus area Reduced thalamus (less area for relaying) Changes in basal ganglia and cerebellum (causes gait and facial grimacing)
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SchizophreniaLearningIssue.docx - Schizophrenia What is...

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