Somatoform disorder - Learning Issue Somatoform disorders/hysterical paralysis(very large and broad topic-MH Dont Miss This Definition It is a

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Learning Issue: Somatoform disorders/hysterical paralysis (very large and broad topic)-MH · Don’t Miss This: · Definition: It is a psychiatric conflict converted into sensorimotor system. · Causes: Is a result of the individuals coping mechanism regression and isolation. · Risk Factors or Predisposing Factors: Lower socioeconomic status and certain cultures. · Epidemiology: Usually before age30 and accompanied by a serious relationship in 20% to a lifetime history of panic-agoraphobia-depression. Polysurgery is common, with an obsessive impulse for medical therapy. · Pathophysiology: The most common manifestation as a result of anxiety is paralysis, which can have symbolic meaning. (i.e. arm paralysis is marked by anger anger). Somatization disorder is characterized by multiple physical complaints referable to several organs systems. Anxiety, panic disorder, and depression are often present, with major depression as a differential. A pain disorder with psychosocial factors
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