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Learning Issue: Tobacco use and dependence Overview The word tobacco refers to the dried and prepared leaves of the plant N. tabacum; which contains nicotine, an alkaloid that has qualities of both a sedative narcotic and an emetic and diuretic, and is also a heart depressant and antispasmodic. Unburned tobacco contains nicotine, carcinogens and other toxins Burned tobacco contains nicotine and 4000 other compounds. Addicted smokers regulate their nicotine intake and blood levels by adjusting the frequency and intensity of their tobacco use Interesting facts: Adolescent smokers are more likely to become adult smokers and to use alcohol and illicit substances The earlier adolescents start to smoke, the more cigarettes they will smoke as an adult, which is associated with more severe tobacco-related health complications Other forms of tobacco Moist snuff deposited between the cheek and gum Chewing tobacco These two lead to gum disease and can result in oral cancer Pipes and cigars Risk of upper airway cancers is similar among cigarette and cigar smokers Those who have smoked only cigars have a much lower risk of lung cancer, heart disease and COPD Bidi (tobacco wrapped in tendu or temburni leaf, commonly used in India) Clove cigarettes Water pipes Filtered cigarettes with lower-yield of tar: It offers no disease-reduction benefit for smokers and should not be encouraged as an alternative to cessation Pathophysiology of Nicotine absorption The blends of tobacco used in pipes and cigars have an alkaline pH, which allows sufficient absorption of nicotine across the oral mucosa to satisfy the need for this drug. The blends of tobacco used in cigarettes have an acidic pH, which reduces absorption of nicotine in
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Tobaccouseanddependence.docx - Learning Issue: Tobacco use...

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