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Cauda Equina Syndrome – (CES) ( Learning Objective) CES - defined as low back pain, bilateral/rare unilateral sciatica, saddle sensory disturbances, bladder and bowel dysfunction, and variable lower extremity motor and sensory loss usually due to mechanical compression of the cauda. Pathophysiology - may result from any lesion that compresses CE nerve roots. These nerve roots are susceptible to injury due to a poorly developed epineurium. History - back pain, pain in the legs are the most significant and dramatic. . Bilateral/unilateral lower extremity motor and/or sensory abnormality Bowel and/or bladder dysfunction Saddle (perineal) anesthesia Physical- Pain often is localized to the low back Loss or diminution of reflexes. Pain in the legs. Sensory abnormality may be present in the perineal area or lower extremities Muscle weakness may be present in muscles supplied by affected roots. Muscle wasting may occur if CES is chronic.
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Unformatted text preview: Poor anal sphincter tone is characteristic of CES. Babinski sign or other signs of upper motor neuron involvement suggest a diagnosis other than CES, possibly a diagnosis of spinal cord compression. A significant volume with little or no urge to void, or as a post-void residual, may indicate bladder dysfunction. Causes - Traumatic injury Lumbar disk herniation Abscess Spinal anesthesia Spinal epidural hematoma Tumor, either primary or metastatic Idiopathic Inferior vena cava thrombosis Lymphoma Sarcoidosis How to relate to our pt so far we only know that her motor function is impaired. Doesnt look like she is suffering from CES, because the other symptoms should be domineering. Questions to ask Do you have any back or leg pain? Do you have bowel/bladder dysfunction? Source: http :// emedicine . medscape . com / article /791613-overview...
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U-5LICaudaEquinaSyndrome.docx - Poor anal sphincter tone is...

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