vascular headaches - Learning Issue Vascular...

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Learning Issue: Vascular Headaches ***vascular headache is a broad category including migraine and cluster headaches, not its own separate type of headache The term vascular headache is a broad and generally outdated term that was used because of the iniital thought that the pain from a migraine was due to reactive hyperemia in response to ischemia caused by vasoconstriction during aura. Although it is widely accepted that some headaches are the result of some vascular events, the term vascular headache is not commonly used in the main classification of headaches. Vascular headaches encompass migraine and cluster headaches as well as other vascular headaches listed below: Headaches from reactive vasodilation Fever Drug-induced Postictal Hypoglycemia Hypoxia Hypercarbia (abnormally high carbon dioxide in the blood) Hyperthyroidism Headaches associated with arterial hypertension Chronic severe hypertension Paroxysmal severe hypertension Pheochromocytoma
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vascular headaches - Learning Issue Vascular...

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