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Learning Issue: Erythema Multiforme (Steven-Johnson Syndrome)-MH Definition: It is an acute inflammatory skin disease that is divided into minor and major types based on clinical findings. The minor type is estimated to occur in 90% of cases involving herpes simplex virus, and is commonly referred to as herpes associated erythema multforme (HAEM). The major type is has been replaced with three terms: Steve-Johnson syndrome, with less than 10% BSA skin loss; toxic epidermal necrolysis when there is >30% skin loss; and Steven-Johnson syndrome/toxic epidermal necrolysis overlap for cases between 10%- 30% BSA denudation. Etiology: Drugs Sulfonamides NSAIDs Allopurinol Anticonvulsants Other causes Mycoplasma pneumonia in 50% of children, may also mimic Steve-Johnsons Pathophysiology: The pathophysiology of SJS is not completely understood. The disease process is probably immunologically mediated and often involves an abnormal metabolism of the responsible drug. The keratinocyte is the ultimate target of
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ErythemamultiformeSteven-Johnsonesyndrome.docx - Learning...

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