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what causes onychomycosis aka Tinea Unguium Define A fungal infection of one but rarely all finger and or toe nails Pathogen Trichophyton fungus Less common (<5%) T. rubrum fungus Physical Exam The nails are lusterless brittle hypertrophic friable DX test Exam cleared portions under a microscope for hyphae fugus can be cultured Prognosis Hard to treat because of long durration of treatment recurrent infections. Fingernails respond ( near 100% cured) than toenails ( 35-50% cured
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Unformatted text preview: ) 75% show improvement Treatment Portions of the nail should be cleared with 10% KOH If toe nails infected treatment is only given if patient: has discomfort unable to exercise due to infection immune compromised Fingernails: - Ultramicronized griseofulvin 250mg PO q3 for 6months or - Terbinafine 250mg/d for 6 weeks Toenails - Terbinafine 250mg/d for 12 weeks Liver function test and CBC should be done monthly during treatment CMDT pg147...
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