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Unformatted text preview: Learning Issue: Urticaria (hives) Name: Lindsay Francis Definition Vascular reaction of skin marked by transient appearance of smooth, slightly elevated patches (wheals) that are erythematous and itchy Most cases are self-limited, lasting only a couple days In rare cases, urticaria presents as an anaphylactic reaction develops Dont miss: hypotension, respiratory distress, stridor, GI distress, because that indicates anaphylactic reaction Acute urticaria: urticaria lasting less than 6 weeks Chronic urticaria: urticaria lasting longer than 6 weeks Causes Medications Bug bites Food allergies Hypersensitivity (insect sting, latex, other exposures) Physical contact Viral infections SLE Hypo or hyperthyroidism Lymphoreticular malignancies Pregnancy Cold Pressure Vibration Cholinergic (heat, exercise, emotional stress may trigger this) Sunlight Water exercise Epidemiology 15-25% of the population has urticaria at some point in their lives Urticaria is more prevalent in people with atopy Pathophysiology Basic idea: Mast cells and basophils release vasoactive substances (histamine, bradykinin, leukotriene C4, prostaglanding D2) in the dermis, causing plasma to leak into the dermis, which makes the urticarial lesion. The histamine released in the dermis causes the lesion to itch....
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Urticaria.doc - Learning Issue: Urticaria (hives) Name:...

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