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Non-healing ulcers Factors that contribute to non-healing ulcers: malnutrition, diabetes mellitus, renal disease, other systemic illnesses, and deficiencies of tissue growth factors Most common cause of non-healing ulcers are diabetic foot ulcers and are responsible for 85% of all amputations Arterial insufficiency causes the non-healing ulcers in diabetic patients Diagnostics Arteriography or MR angiography of the lower extremity including foot vessels should be performed Vascular surgery depends upon the severity of the vascular impairment Revascularization can be as safe as a major amputation and less costly Infections: may be superficial or deep and are most commonly cause by S. aureus or streptococci Limb-threatening infections are usually polymicrobial, involving aerobic Gram- possitive cocci, Gram0negative bacilli, and anaerobes Crusted areas of an ulcer should be unroofed and the wound be explored with a metal probe to determine the depth and extent of tissue destruction
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Non-healingulcers4-13.docx - Non-healing ulcers Factors...

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