Raynauds Phenomenon - Learning Issue: Raynauds...

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Learning Issue: Raynaud’s Phenomenon-MH Definition: Is a common condition which patients seek care from dermatologist. Can be characterized as recurrent vasospasm of the fingers and toes, often associated with exposure to cold temperature or emotional stress. Etiology: o Primary: Occurs in the absence of other pathologies. o Secondary: Many condition, but here are a few. SLE, RA, beta blockers, hypothyroidism, hypercoaguable states. Please look at resources for additional causes (ferri’s). Risk Factors or Predisposing Factors: Epidemiology: True prevalence in general population is unknown. Prevalence among women is 20% and between 3% to12.5% in men. Prevalence is higher in colder climates. Pathophysiology: theory is that there is a local defect caused by spasm of the digital arteries. Recently, the pathogenesis has been divided into 3 broad headings: vascular, neural, and intravascular abnormalities. o
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Raynauds Phenomenon - Learning Issue: Raynauds...

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