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L earning Issue: elevated alkaline phosphatase Nicole Banfield 4/5/11 Normal range: 30-120 U/L Elevated in: 1. Liver and biliary tract origin: a. Extrahepatic bile duct obstruction b. Intrahepatic biliary obstruction c. Liver cell acute injury d. Liver passive congestion e. Drug-induced liver cell dysfunction f. Space-occupying lesions g. Primary biliary cirrhosis h. Sepsis 2. Bone origin: a. Rapid bone growth b. Metastatic tumor with osteoblastic reaction c. Fracture healing d. Paget’s disease of bone 3. Capillary endothelial origin: a. Granulation tissue formation (active) 4. Placental origin: a. Pregnancy b. Some parenteral albumin preparations
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Other: a. Thyroxicosis b. Benign transient hyperphosphatasemia c. Primary hyperparathyroidism Decreased in: 1. Hypothyroidism 2. Pernicious anemia 3. Hypophosphatemia 4. Hypervitaminosis D 5. Malnutrition References: http :// www . mdconsult . com / books / page . do ? eid =4-u 1.0-B 978-0-323-05610-6. .00090-1--s 0250& isbn =978-0-323-05610-6& sid =1141295646& type = bookPage & sectionEid =4-u 1.0-B 978-0-323-05610-6. .00090-1--s 0250& uniqId =238629435-6#4-u 1.0-B 978-0-323-05610-6. .00090-1--s 0250...
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