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Criteria for Rheumatoid Arthritis: What is RA? RA is a chronic multisystem disease that is mainly characterized by persistent inflammatory synovitis of the peripheral joints in a symmetric distribution Cause The cause of RA is unknown, although it has been suggested that it might be a manifestation of the response to an infection agent in a generically susceptible host Who gets it? Women affected 2-3 more times than men Women typically aged 35-50 on onset More common in Native Americans and less common in African Americans Having a first degrees relative with RA increases your risk 2-3 fold Classic Presentation: Initially begins with insidious fatigue , anorexia, generalized weakness , and vague musculoskeletal complaints until polyarticular symmetric synovitis becomes apparent mostly in the hands, wrists, knees , and feet Accompanied by constitutional symptoms that include fever , weakness, fatigue , and weight loss lymphadenopathy and splenomegaly can also occur
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CriteriaforRheumatoidArthritis.doc - Criteria for...

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