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Gantanol - CONTRAINDICATIONS Pregnancy neonates G6PD...

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DRUG name (generic and common): sulfamethoxazole (Gantanol) CLASS Sulfonamides Others include: Sulfisoxazole, Sulfadiazine DESCRIPTION  (basic summary) Sulfonamides used to be very effective in treating a wide  variety of bacterial infections, but due to bacterial  resisitance of common pathogens it is rarely used alone  anymore. Typically combined with trimethoprim and used to treat  UTIs and genitourinary infections.  No longer available as a single agent in US MECHANISM OF  ACTION Sulfamethoxazole   interferes   with     folic   acid   synthesis,  which is essential for bacterial growth. Does not affect cells that use dietary folic acid, including  mammalian cells and bacterial cells that utilize preformed  folate PHARMOKINETICS Metabolized in the liver Due to metabolites, it may also become nephrotoxic
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Unformatted text preview: CONTRAINDICATIONS Pregnancy, neonates, G6PD deficiency, sulfa hypersensitivity ADVERSE EFFECTS ● Photosensitivity, interstitial nephritis ● Steven-Johns syndrome: aching joints and muscles; redness, blistering, peeling of the skin ● fulminant hepatic necrosis; agranulocytosis; aplastic anemia; thrombocytopenia INDICATIONS Currently not indicated for anything, unless combined with trimethoprim Used to be indicated for UTIs, pyelonephritis, cystitis, Chlamydial infections (cervicitis, conjunctivitis) DOSAGE 1g PO every 8-12 hours Sources: MDConsult drug monograph: http :// www . mdconsult . com / das / pharm / body /238626621-8/1141274257/ full /581...
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Gantanol - CONTRAINDICATIONS Pregnancy neonates G6PD...

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