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1. Instructions forThe Hum 240 Event Report

1. Instructions forThe Hum 240 Event Report - Instructions...

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Instructions for The Hum 240 Event Report Final Paper Due: See Syllabus Early submission deadline: Two weeks before final deadline Purposes of the Event Report First, please attend at least three Asian cultural events (Indian, Chinese, or Japanese) outside the classroom to broaden your exposure to the humanities of Asia. These events may include concerts, plays, movies, workshops, festivals, and museum exhibits. If you are already familiar with one of the three cultures, please extend yourself by attending at least one event that features one of the other two cultures. Attending only movies is NOT sufficient: 10 points will be deducted from your grade if you do not attend a variety of cultural performances or if you forget to list them clearly on your event report! Please do not count events attended during previous semesters. Second, I would like you to select one of those events as the basis of a research paper. The goal is to help you locate appropriate scholarly sources [ NOT textbooks or Wikipedia
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