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India 1-bare-bones - India 1 INTRODUCTION TO COURSE INDIA...

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India 1 INTRODUCTION TO COURSE: INDIA, CHINA, AND JAPAN I. Importance of the three cultures studied A. Our world is becoming increasingly less Westocentric. Asian countries are dominating our world economy, particularly India, China, and Japan. B. Population: these three countries represent 38% of world population C. Economic growth D. Cultural and historical continuity E. Our success in political diplomacy and economic trade depends in part on our knowledge about and sensitivity towards these countries F. Our responsibility as members of the Church towards the great growth of the Church in Asia is another compelling reason for carefully and sensitively studying this part of the world G. Why humanities? Provides a window into the soul of a culture II. Nuts and Bolts A. Lectures will start with material culture and move to performing arts by the end of each unit. B. Attendance is mandatory C. It is essential to review the material each week in order to absorb it properly D. Readings will complement lectures 1. Reader (Introduction to the Humanities of Asia) 2. Asian Art (LaPlante) 3. A Treasury of Asian Literature (Yohannan) are all available at bookstore E. Multiple choice tests (3) will be based on lectures, readings, and on listening and viewing assignments on Blackboard. 1. Each of three tests is worth 15% F. Take-home final—30% G. Event report—15% 1. Details on blackboard—PLEASE STUDY CAREFULLY H. So, in sum, the final grade is calculated as follows: 1. Attendance is 10% 2. Three exams—India, China, Japan 15% each 3. Event Report—15% 4. Final take-home exam--30% I. Another way to break it down: 1. 45% of your grade based on knowing facts—cultural literacy (tests) 2. 45% of your grade based on your ability to assimilate the information and
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India 1-bare-bones - India 1 INTRODUCTION TO COURSE INDIA...

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