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HONORS 260 Final Exam – Winter 2009 Topic/Vocabulary List from Syllabus and Text Chapter 15 Wildlife and Wilderness Wilderness Act of 1964 Wilderness dependent wildlife Wilderness (capital “W”) Wilderness associated wildlife wilderness (small “w”) Wilderness wildlife management De facto wilderness Principle people in Wilderness movement Chapter 16 Wildlife and Water Water stress Chionophobes Oxbow Chionophores Delta Chionophiles Wallace’s Line Reservoir Effect Riparian Drawdown Pothole Acid Rain Green Line Vegetation Composition Zone of degradation July Pond Index Zone of active decomposition Hydroseral Wildlife Zone of recovery Gator Hole Guzzler Chapter 17 Wildlife and Soil Indirect relationships between soil and wildlife Direct relationships between soil and wildlife Tropical soils Salt lick (salt drive) Crypsis Influences of wildlife on soil Desertification Chapter 18 Wildlife and Rangelands Rangelands Microhistologcial method of diet analysis Manipulation of vegetation Stable isotope method of diet analysis Range livestock Feeding site analysis
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Unformatted text preview: Animal Unit Equivalents (AUE) Sorensen Index (SI) Chapter 19 Wildlife and Forests [Know timber definitions] GAP Analysis Life form descriptions Patrec modeling Features Species management Open canopy species Species Richness management Closed canopy species Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Forest fragmentation Chapter 20 Wildlife Management and Conservation Biology Wildlife management Conservation Biology Manipulative management [Comparison Table] Custodial management Demographic stochasticity Genetic diversity Genetic stochasticity Species diversity Environmental stochasticity Ecosystem diversity Natural catastrophes TEXT Reading Assignment from Wildlife Ecology and Management (Ed. 4 or 5): Chapter 11 Reservoir Effect and Management (11.7) Acid Rain (11.12) Chapter 12 Wildlife and Soils Chapter 14 Wildlife and Rangelands Chapter 15 Forest Management and Wildlife Chapter 21 Conservation Biology and Wildlife Management...
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Final_Vocabulary_W2009 - Animal Unit Equivalents (AUE)...

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