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Honors 260/InBio 225 Mid Term 1 Topic/Vocabulary List Chapter 1 Binomial Nomenclature Geographic Range Conservation Natural history (species) Conservation Biology Wildlife Ecology Wildlife Management Free-living species Chapter 2 Deforestation Exploitation Dessertification Subsistence Hunting Extirpation Market Hunting Extinction Darling Effect Endangered Predator Control Chapter 3 Wildlife management Lead vs. Steel shot Capture/Release programs Foster Parent Programs Habitat Sport Hunting Chapter 4 [See list of Laws, Notable People and Era’s of Wildlife Attitudes.] Chapter 5 Autoecology Ecology Food Chain Synecology Ecology Trophic Levels Behavioral Ecology Biological Magnification Systems Ecology Bergman’s Rule Physiological Ecology Allen’s Rule Quantitative Ecology Gloger’s Rule Biosphere Migration Ecosystem Fossorial Biotic Community Dormancy Natural Cycles Hibernation (hypothermia) 1 st Law of Thermodynamics Estivation (aestivation) 2 nd Law of Thermodynamics (Entropy) Head Loading (Adaptive hyperthermia)
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 6 Biotic Community Subspecies Succession (all stages) Ecotype Niche Biome Key Species Ecological Equivalents Competitive Exclusion Principle Analogous Characteristics Compression Hypothesis Homologous Characteristics Species Taxonomy types (Alpha, Beta, Gamma) Chapter 7 All terms in section B) Essential Terminology (1-12) Growth Density-dependent mortality Exponential Growth Model Density-independent mortality Logistic or Sigmoid Growth Model Inversely Density-dependent mortality K-selected species Compensatory mortality R-selected species Additive mortality Mortality Differential mortality SYLLABUS Chapters 1-7 TEXT Reading Assignment from Wildlife Ecology and Management (Ed. 4 or 5): Chapter 1-3 (All) Chapter 22 (Just review the topics on the laws and associated people) Chapter 4 (All) Chapter 5 (Up to and including the topic on “Additive and Compensatory Mortality”)...
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MidTerm_1_Vocabulary - Chapter 6 Biotic Community...

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