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Chap 8 - Chapter 8: A) Population: Data Collection,...

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Chapter 8: Population: Data Collection, Modeling and Responses A) Sources of Population Data (some the most difficult information to get accurately) 1) Data is gathered in the form of Censuses, Estimates and Indices a. Censuses: A census is a compete count of individuals in a population. Large species living in the open may be counted from aircraft (e.g. pronghorns, Whooping cranes white body on black marsh). In areas where vegetation or topography conceals animals it is rare to get a complete count. b. Estimates: An estimate may be made on the basis of a statistical sample. This can be done by counting inanimate objects (e.g., droppings, nets and dens) or by counting animals. In either case, the sample is taken on a plot or transect of a known size. Must know additional information if using inanimate objects - such as average family size for dens or lodges, or the average number of droppings per day per species. c. Indices: An index is a quantitative measure of a population. Instead of comparing numbers or densities of a population, and index compares relative abundance between areas or changes in abundance form one time to another in the same area. An example is counting displaying male woodcocks or ruffed grouse along established routes. Also counting pheasants and red fox by rural mail carriers. 2) Banding birds provides three general sources of information a. Banding determines migratory routes and other information on movements of birds. b.
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Chap 8 - Chapter 8: A) Population: Data Collection,...

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