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CHAPTER 9 - CHAPTER 9 Animal Behavior Animal Behavior and...

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CHAPTER 9: Animal Behavior Animal Behavior and Wildlife Management: An understanding of basic animal behavior is fundamental to understanding ecological relationships and the application of knowledge in the management of wildlife. A) Interaction Principle: Genotype Phenotype Environment B) Basic interactive arenas of animal behavior: 1) Body care 2) Social 3) Environmental interactions C) Inclusive fitness: Refers to the sum of an animal’s fitness as measured by personal reproductive success and that of relatives with those relatives devalued in proportion to their genetic distance, i.e. as they share fewer genes. 1) Assumption: animals behave in ways that tend to maximize their inclusive fitness in relation to available options. a. Natural selection judges the survival value of selecting between various options. 2) Behavioral competition is an important arena for natural selection.
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a. Right to food b. Right to breed c. Right to space (habitat) D) Habitat selection: Where animals feed, breed and carry on other important activities, depends on intra-specific and inter- specific relationships as well as environmental factors. This occurs within the species specific limits of the Interaction Principle. Some wildlife species have very narrow limits of habitat suitability, e.g. spruce grouse, sage grouse, while others have wide ranges of tolerances, e.g. elk, mountain lion. 1)
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CHAPTER 9 - CHAPTER 9 Animal Behavior Animal Behavior and...

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