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Syllabus_W2011_Chapters 1 - Chapter 1. A) Introduction to...

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Chapter 1. Introduction to Wildlife Management A) Essential terminology: 1) WILDLIFE: Any free-living species from invertebrate to vertebrate (Endangered Species Act, 1969) 2) WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT: Is the application of knowledge and ethics in the preservation, enhancement and regulation of wildlife resources (Flinders) 3) CONSERVATION: the wise maintenance and use of natural resources. 4) CONSERVATION BIOLOGY: The new movement brings together ecology, wildlife biology, molecular biology, systematics, evolutionary biology, and population genetics – to seek species diversity and richness. 5) ECOLOGY: The study of the interactions that determine the distribution and abundance of organisms. B) Natural History (Nature Study): refers to specific descriptions of wildlife species, invertebrates, and plants, e.g. 1) General characteristics 2) Scientific and/or common names 3) Geographic range of distribution 4) Reproduction (natality) 5) Behavior 6) Adaptations and habits (autecology) 7) Population dynamics
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C) Factors Involved with Solving a Population Management Problem The objective is to identify those factors that are most responsible for preventing the further growth of the population. These factors impede births, increase deaths, or both. 1) Extrinsic Factors on the Population (external or outside) a. Density-independent (primarily chemicals, pollutants and weather conditions) 1. Environment. Are there concentrations of chemicals
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Syllabus_W2011_Chapters 1 - Chapter 1. A) Introduction to...

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