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Math 119: Section 01 Introduction to Calculus Summer Term 2008 Class: 8:00-9:50 a.m. M-F Instructor: Natalie Wilde Office: 276 TMCB Email/Phone: [email protected] / 422-4106 Office Hours: TBA TA: Mckay Easton Email: [email protected] Text: Calculus with Applications , 8th Edition, Lial-Greenwell-Ritchey, Pearson Addison- Wesley. Objectives : To provide undergraduate students a first exposure to Calculus concepts, theorems, and techniques. In general, theorems will not be proved. However, an understanding of them and its applications to solve calculus problems will be taught. Students will be expected to develop effective problem solving skills based on their understanding of the theory and not just by memorizing a set of routines to solve the problems. I believe that my role as your instructor is to help and assist you in the process of learning mathematics. I will do my best to fulfill this role. I know that we will enjoy this class as we go along by making a consistent effort throughout the semester. Homework: Homework from each section will be collected two class periods after completion of the section. For example, if we complete section 5.1 and 5.2 on a Monday, then the homework from those sections is due on Wednesday.
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You are strongly encouraged to work on homework problems every day. You should be willing to put in at least two to three hours outside the classroom for each hour of class. A lower time commitment is likely to lead to an average grade B-/C+ or lower. Solutions to exercises should
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syllabus-1 - Math 119: Section 01 Introduction to Calculus...

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