quiz09 - dh dt = 2 Given that db dt = 2 tb and that b = 2...

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Name: Quiz 9 1 November 2005 Write the best answer to each question in the box provided. Show your work. 1. The height h of a pile of sand increases at a rate that is proportional to the cube of its height. Set up (but do not solve) a differential equation modeling this situation.
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Unformatted text preview: dh dt = 2. Given that db dt = 2 tb , and that b = 2 when t = 1, solve the differential equation to get the original function b ( t ). b ( t ) = 3. Use Euler’s method to approximate the value of y (4) if dy dx = 3 x + y and y (0) = 2. Use a stepsize of h = 2. y =...
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